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ISTA is the recognized voice of the Indiana seed trade industry. Since its foundation in 1978, the Association has served as the focus point for industry positions on public policy issues which affect our member companies. Historically, Indiana seedsmen have been leaders in many areas of the seed trade.

A membership investment with ISTA should be considered a necessity for any person or firm conducting business in the seed industry. Your active participation is also welcomed and encouraged.

ISTA is governed by a 14 person Board of Directors, elected annually from our membership. The Board is responsible for all policy decisions of the Association and directs the Association staff to implement industry policy and programs for the mutual benefit of our members.

The purpose of ISTA is simple; to provide services to the industry that are best provided through the united efforts of our member companies. The Board of Directors has identified and aggressively pursued four primary functions of the Association.

Represent the industry in government affairs
Provide timely information to members on Industry issues
Provide continuing education for industry personnel
Provide tangible services to the industry when they are otherwise unavailable
These four objectives represent the fundamental purpose of ISTA. Our full-time staff is dedicated to meeting each of these objectives effectively to assist you in your day-to-day operations and to give you the edge you need to succeed in today’s business environment.

Government Relations

Direct contact is constantly maintained with the many government agencies that affect your business. The Indiana State Chemist and Seed Commissioner, EPA, OSHA, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, State Tax Board and State Board of Health are just a few of the arms of government that we deal with to help solve individual, as well as industry problems.

A call to the ISTA office can often help you eliminate the time and expense of finding the “right” person in government to deal with your problems and avoid the ever-present bureaucratic “runaround.”.


The Association’s newsletter is sent to all members on a timely basis. This is our way of keeping members up to date on issues affecting them and to provide information about “what’s happening” in the industry. These newsletter can be sent via fax, email or regular mail. We also issue various other publications for our members’ use in answering questions from customers. Each year the Association provides a Membership Directory listing names and addresses of members; affiliated associations, federal and state agencies; and Indiana regulatory officials.

Meetings and Programs

ISTA conducts various meetings and programs throughout the year designed to bring members ideas and information to help them move forward in the industry including:

The annual Convention, held in mid-November in Indianapolis attracts more than 200 of Indiana’s important decision makers in the seed industry;

Diagnostic Field Training programs with infield training by Purdue and industry specialists to help members diagnose growers’ various problems and recommend corrective action;

Legislative Monitoring

One of the primary services you receive as an ISTA member is contact with state legislators. The Association staff, assisted by the Legislative Committee, provides testimony and information to the lawmakers on every issue that affects the Indiana Seed industry. Your interest and concerns are constantly presented and you are thoroughly informed of developments that may affect your business.