Legislative Updates


Sale of poultry at farmer’s markets. (Ellspermann, R. Young) Digest Provides that an individual vendor of a farmer’s market or roadside stand is not considered to be a food establishment if the individual vendor’s food product is made, grown, or raised by an individual at the individual’s primary residence, property owned by the individual, or property leased [...]


Various natural resources matters. (Eberhart, Mishler) Digest Moves the state land office from the department of administration to the department of natural resources (DNR). Increases the amount that an office of DNR or the department of state revenue must deposit on the business day following receipt from $100 to $500. Provides that certain regulations related to using [...]


State chemist issues. (Lehe, Mishler) Digest Provides civil penalty authority to the state chemist under the agricultural ammonia law and subpoena authority to the state chemist under the agricultural ammonia law and the commercial fertilizers laws. Provides that the state chemist may impose a civil penalty only according to a schedule recommended by the fertilizer advisory board. [...]


Corn marketing council. (Lehe, Gard) Digest Repeals provisions concerning deductions to retail merchants under the E85 reimbursement program. Amends the definition of “producer” for purposes of the corn marketing laws. Adds requirement that a producer has had an assessment in the previous two years to qualify as a member of the corn marketing council (council). Provides that [...]


Elimination of commissions, boards, and committees. (Wolkins, Landske) Digest Reenacts the public officers compensation advisory commission that was repealed in 2011. Establishes the environmental rules board. Decreases the membership of the Indiana war memorials commission from ten to nine members with one member from each congressional district. Consolidates duplicative reporting required for the Indiana economic development corporation [...]


Agricultural operations. (Friend, Steele, Leising, Buck) Digest Provides that if a court finds that the prosecution or defense of a nuisance action brought against an agricultural operation was frivolous, the court shall award court costs and reasonable attorney’s fees to the prevailing party. Specifies that reasonable attorney’s fees may only include the fees for one attorney, and must be [...]