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Purpose of the Indiana Seed Trade Association

Who is ISTA?

  • We are farmers!
  • Comprised of 100 members of which 61% are family owned!
  • Our members produce seed on more than 277,000 acres in Indiana!
  • ISTA members inject over $13,000,000 in premium seed production payments into the Indiana farm economy!
  • Seed companies and farmers are mutually dependent on each other!
  • Seed companies need financially healthy farmers, and farmers need financially healthy seed companies!
  • The seed industry is the most important industry in the world!! Without seed there is no food!

Membership and active participation in the Indiana Seed Trade Association should be considered a necessity for any person or firm conducting business in the seed industry.

The aims of the Indiana Seed Trade Association are to develop friendly business relations between its members, to promote the legitimate interests of seed trade within the state, and to cooperate with educational and regulatory authorities in the development of sound and effective seed programs in the interests of agriculture.

Historically, Indiana seedsmen have been leaders in many areas of the seed trade. Active involvement of members will help fulfill current and future needs of all seedsmen. The Indiana Seed Trade Association is seeking results, not reasons!